New Caledonia leader calls for France to grant independence vote to counter China’s ‘omnipresence’ in Pacific

The Guardian 06:12 11.04

Pro-independence parties boycotted last year’s referendum on a split from France, arguing Covid made campaigning too difficult

Amazon fights to overturn union’s historic win at New York warehouse

The Guardian 03:13 10.04

Tech giant wants to redo election, arguing in legal filing that National Labor Relations Board acted in way that tainted results

BBC blocked from naming alleged MI5 informant accused of abusing women

The Guardian 15:12 07.04

Attorney general wins injunction to stop identification of man after arguing it would damage national security

Britney Spears' Lawyer Fights Lynne Spears' 'Exploitative' Legal Fee Request at Tense Hearing

Rolling Stone 03:02 07.04

“Ms. Spears should not be burdened with what happened here,” pop star’s lawyer says at tense hearing, arguing it’s not Britney’s fault her mom’s lawyers haven…

Woman Is Fatally Shot in Bronx Crossfire

NyTimes 15:07 05.04

Two groups of men had been arguing nearby with guns drawn when the 61-year-old woman was shot in the back, the police said.

From pool to track: disputes over trans athletes mustn’t make everyone a loser | Kenan Malik

The Guardian 18:13 03.04

Arguing for sex-based categories in sports such as swimming and cycling is not bigotry. It’s fairness

Opinion | Prolonged Grief: A Mental Disorder, or a Natural Process?

NyTimes 18:08 03.04

“How dare you tell me how long I may grieve?” one reader writes. Readers are mostly opposed to declaring it a disorder, arguing that it is stigmatizing.

Pompeo leverages foreign policy bonafides in 2024 shadow primary

NBC News 15:07 30.03

The former secretary of state is seizing the moment by arguing that Putin invaded Ukraine on Biden’s watch as he travels to key battleground states and stumps for 2022 candidates.

Streaming Took Over Hollywood. Will It Take Best Picture, Too?

NyTimes 18:07 26.03

A few years ago, the entertainment industry was arguing over whether movies on streaming services even counted as a film. Now, one is poised to win the Oscars’ top prize.

Streaming Has Won the Hollywood Debate. Is Best Picture Next?

NyTimes 12:06 26.03

A few years ago, the entertainment industry was arguing over whether movies on streaming services even counted as a film. Now, one is poised to win the Oscars’ top prize.

One More Census Takeaway: The End of an Era of Counting the Nation?

NyTimes 18:10 12.03

Some experts are arguing that it’s time for the census to aggressively make use of government data and other sources to augment its own decennial count.

How oil companies rebranded deceptive climate ads as ‘free speech’

The Guardian 15:15 10.03

In two dozen climate liability cases, companies are arguing that their public statements about climate change are not ‘deceptive’ so much as persuasive – and protected free speech

NAACP Faults Hollywood’s Lack of Black CEOs and Top Execs

Rolling Stone 09:02 10.03

The NAACP called on Hollywood to increase Black representation in its high-level executive ranks, issuing a report Wednesday arguing that Black executives need to have more influence in development…

Are there more wheels or doors in the world? Why we can’t resist an internet debate

The Guardian 21:14 08.03

Too many of us found ourselves hotly arguing about a pointless question last week. Why can’t we help wasting time on inconsequential online queries such as what colour is The Dress or how dogs would wear trousers?

We’re back arguing about foie gras and fur – it feels like being 14 again | Zoe Williams

The Guardian 21:11 21.02

The government are considering a U-turn on their pledge to ban the import of fur and foie gras, thanks to opposition from their own MPs. Is there nothing that can’t be turned into a culture war, asks columnist Zoe Williams

Sarah Palin lost latest legal battle against New York Times. Will the case go to the Supreme Court?

NBC News 00:07 17.02

First, Palin would have to try her luck with the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, perhaps arguing that the jury instructions misstated the law, experts said.

Democrats pushing for gas tax holiday slam into GOP roadblock

NBC News 06:08 16.02

The battle unfolding in the Senate has both sides taking uncommon positions: Democrats are proposing a tax cut, and Republicans are arguing against one.

A plant shop owner is fighting Nike over the name 'Just Succ It'

NBC News 18:08 09.02

Andrea Galbreath, who talked about her experience on TikTok, said Nike filed an opposition notice to the store's trademark, arguing it's too similar to the company's slogan, "Just Do It."

Gay Couples Can Teach Straight People a Thing or Two About Arguing (Published 2020)

NyTimes 18:07 08.02

Same-sex couples, on average, resolve conflict more constructively than different-sex couples, and with less animosity, studies have shown.

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