Opinion | I Would Have Never Bought This Home if I Knew It Flooded

NyTimes 12:05 12.04

As the climate changes, flood rules need reform to protect communities on the front lines.

Soccer Should Worry About the Product, Not the Packaging

NyTimes 00:08 11.04

A simple rule change paved the way for the modern soccer we watch today. A n obsession with Super Bowl-style changes won’t move it forward.

The Tangent reveal new "mega prog" album Songs From The Hard Shoulder

Louder 03:15 10.04

The Tangent mark their 20th anniversary with their 12th studio album - listen to a single edit of lead track The Changes

How Beethoven inspired 50 years of cultural exchange between the US and China

The Guardian 03:13 10.04

A new book tells how classical music, played to the Chinese by the Philadelphia Orchestra, ushered in decades of valuable interchanges now under threat

Twitter to add 'unmention' option, allowing users to remove themselves from conversations

NBC News 03:08 10.04

The company’s head of consumer products, Jay Sullivan, said he was proud of the changes being made to make Twitter safer.

WGA East Leaders Strike Compromise on Membership Battle, Will Pursue Changes to Union Structure

Rolling Stone 03:02 08.04

Leaders of the WGA East have reached a compromise after months of friction over the membership base of the union that represents film and TV writers on the East Coast. The WGA East council voted un…

Sporticast: National Titles, NIL Deals and NCAA Changes

Rolling Stone 21:03 07.04

On the latest Sporticast episode, hosts Scott Soshnick and Eben Novy-Williams chat with Christy Hedgpeth, president of Playfly Sports Properties, about the rapid changes underway in the business of…

MLB Opening Day: Americans get ready to flock to the ballparks

NBC News 18:08 07.04

After a 99-day lockout, the sights and sounds of baseball have returned. This opening day, some of the biggest stars are swapping uniforms while the league adapts to new changes such as the designated hitter rule. NBC’s Jesse Kirsch reports for TODAY from Wrigley Field.

‘It’s more difficult’: McIlroy and Westwood on Augusta’s big changes

The Guardian 21:11 06.04

The 11th and the 15th at Augusta have undergone significant changes for this year’s Masters. Two of the best offer their verdicts

Can I Force My Building to Install Electric-Car Chargers?

NyTimes 15:07 06.04

Changes to state law will eventually compel co-op boards to help residents charge their cars. But for now, they need to be convinced.

You’re Still Being Tracked on the Internet, Just in a Different Way

NyTimes 15:07 06.04

Apple and Google are pushing privacy changes, but a shift in digital tracking is giving some platforms a bigger advertising advantage.

Your furry friend’s 'puppy dog eyes' are a manipulation tactic, study suggests

NBC News 06:08 06.04

The face muscles of dogs have evolved to be very different from those of wolves, hinting at changes that may have made them more charming to humans.

UK to ban gambling ads featuring sports and reality TV stars

The Guardian 21:13 05.04

Changes designed to protect under-18s and other vulnerable groups come into effect in October

Dogs’ faces evolved to improve connections with people, study suggests

NBC News 21:08 05.04

The face muscles of dogs have evolved to be very different than those of wolves, hinting at changes that may have made them more charming to humans.

Paying Fox News viewers to watch CNN makes them less gullible, study finds

The Independent 00:06 05.04

News .jsp?otsikko=Most">Most people agree that the media outlets viewers choose to consume news from affect their political opinions and beliefs. News .jsp?otsikko=But">But a new study has proven this by paying News .jsp?otsikko=Fox">Fox News viewers to watch CNN for 30 days and observing changes in viewers' perspectives. The study was conducted by political scientist...

How the next 'supercontinent' will form

BBC 06:01 04.04

It might seem that the world's landmasses are fixed, but as Richard Fisher discovers, there are major changes coming.

Opinion | ‘Meatspace’? Technology Does Funny Things to Language

NyTimes 00:07 02.04

Our words reveal a lot about changes in society.

Windrush: Home Office has failed to transform its culture, report says

The Guardian 15:13 31.03

Progress report by Wendy Williams finds ‘lack of tangible progress or drive to achieve cultural changes required’

NFL changes overtime playoff rules in wake of Chiefs-Bills thriller

The Guardian 00:11 30.03

The NFL is changing its sometimes controversial overtime rules to guarantee each side gets the ball in the playoffs

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