‘This is a crazy, unjust attack’: Pink Floyd re-form to support Ukraine

The Guardian 21:13 07.04

Exclusive: Disgusted by the Russian invasion, David Gilmour speaks about band’s first brand new song in 28 years, which samples a Ukrainian musician now on the front line – and expresses ‘disappointment’ in Roger Waters

Pusha T who co-wrote McDonald's jingle, releases diss track for Arby's

The Independent 18:05 22.03

On Monday, rapper Pusha T released a diss track in collaboration with Arby's to promote the fast-food chain's spicy fish sandwich while poking fun at competitor, McDonald's.Pusha 's diss track calls out McDonald's popular fish sandwich by name, "Fillet-O-Fish is s**t and you should be disgusted, how ...

Shoppers left disgusted by Sainsbury's £1 chocolate hummus

The Independent 21:06 19.03

People love hummus and people love chocolate. But, it turns out, not always at the same time. Social media users have been reacting after Sainsbury’s unveiled a new product for Easter, with some claiming the supermarket had gone ‘too far’. Easter, of course, is right around the corner, with the hol...

'This one absolutely disgusted me:' Man puts gym influencer on blast in viral video

The Independent 15:06 18.03

A personal trainer has been praised for using his platform to call out self-entitled 'gymfluencer' behaviour. Every so often, a viral GymTok clip would make the rounds on the platform – and sometimes it's ugly. Some clips show TikTokers mock an unsuspected gym-goer for their form. Others show gymfl...