Lionsgate’s GlobalGate Adds Japan’s Rakuten to Local Language Film Consortium

Rolling Stone 06:02 13.04

Lionsgate’s local-language film consortium GlobalGate Entertainment has added Japan’s Rakuten to its worldwide team of production and distribution partners. “We will acquire the adaptation and rema…

China censored same-sex love references in 'Fantastic Beasts 3'

The Independent 21:03 12.04

Disclaimer: The following story contains spoilersChina has decided to censor references to same-sex romance in the latest Fantastic Beasts film, The Secrets of Dumbledore.The film on April 8, a full week ahead of the US' April 15 release.Generally, the release dates for films in the country are late...

KFC faces backlash over ‘misleading’ portrayal of UK chicken farming

The Guardian 18:14 12.04

Activist footage appearing to show severe overcrowding and dead birds differs from KFC film by YouTube influencer

Gay references removed from Fantastic Beasts 3 for Chinese release

The Guardian 18:14 12.04

Big-budget fantasy sequel has had six seconds cut, as Warner Bros releases statement to say ‘the spirit of the film remains intact’

'100 Years of Men in Love': New film unearths old stories of gay romance

NBC News 18:10 12.04

The "accidental collection" of photos at the center of the documentary shines light on queer love from the 1850s to the 1950s.

Interpol Conclude Two-Part Film With Fear and Desire in 'Something Changed'

Rolling Stone 18:05 12.04

The Van Alpert-directed visual builds on a narrative established within The Other Side Of Make-Believe lead single “Toni”

Songs for Drella review – surprisingly moving journey into Warhol

The Guardian 15:10 12.04

The filmed 1990 reunion of Lou Reed and John Cale performing their spiky album testament to Warhol was thought lost

China-Italy Co-Production ‘Italian Recipe’ to Open Udine Asian Film Festival

Rolling Stone 15:02 12.04

The Far East Film Festival in Italy’s Udine has set Chinese-Italian co-production “The Italian Recipe” as the opening title of a revived, largely in-person event. The film, directed by Hou Zuxin, s…

‘A cultural moment’: what Bend It Like Beckham meant for UK women’s football

The Guardian 12:10 12.04

Twenty years later and on verge of hosting Euros, south Asian players celebrate film and what it meant for the sport

KFC faces backlash over ‘misleading’ portrayal of chicken farming

The Guardian 12:10 12.04

Activist footage appearing to show severe overcrowding and dead birds differs from KFC film by YouTube influencer

Actor Sam Elliott apologizes for controversial comments about 'Power of the Dog'

NBC News 12:06 12.04

Actor Sam Elliot is apologizing for controversial comments he made about the Oscar-winning film “The Power of the Dog.” NBC News’ Isa Gutierrez explains how some are calling his statements homophobic and misogynistic. 

‘Asian Persuasion,’ Jhett Tolentino Directorial Debut, Starts Production (EXCLUSIVE)

Rolling Stone 12:02 12.04

New s.jsp?otsikko=Production">Production is under way on “Asian New s.jsp?otsikko=Persuasion,”">Persuasion,” a feature film that marks the directorial debut of three-time New s.jsp?otsikko=Tony-Award">Tony-Award and New s.jsp?otsikko=Grammy-winning">Grammy-winning producer Jhett New s.jsp?otsikko=Tolentino.">Tolentino. New s.jsp?otsikko=Set">Set in New York, romantic comedy…

Sam Elliott Apologizes for ‘Power of the Dog’ Comments: ‘I Wasn’t Very Articulate’

Rolling Stone 03:02 11.04

In his first public comments since slamming the film, Elliott said that he “said some things that hurt people and I feel terrible about that.”

His Films Documented Russia's Last Ukraine Invasion. Now He's Living Through This One

Rolling Stone 00:02 11.04

Why Sergei Loznitsa’s ‘Donbass’ is the most urgent movie you need to see right now

Alan J. Hruska, a Founder of Soho Press, Dies at 88

NyTimes 21:08 10.04

A litigator for 44 years, he was also a novelist; a writer, director and producer of plays and films; and helped establish the independent publishing house Soho Press.

Nicolas Cage did a Reddit AMA session and it was an absolute delight

The Independent 18:06 10.04

For many Nicolas Cage is an actor who defies description. The 58-year-old star has made more than 100 films since making his debut in 1981 and due to his tendency of taking on roles in movies both big and small, that vary dramatically in quality, he has, unfairly, become something of a meme.Perhaps ...

Audrey Diwan’s ‘Happening’ Wins Alice Guy Award in France

Rolling Stone 18:02 10.04

Audrey Diwan’s Venice’s Golden Lion prize-winning “Happening,” has won France’s Alice Guy Award for the best female-directed French film of the year. The Alice Guy Pri…

U.K. Culture Secretary Slams ‘Overblown,’ ‘Inflammatory’ Reaction to Channel 4 Sale From ‘Leftie Lynch Mob’

Rolling Stone 15:02 10.04

U.K. Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries has sharply criticized detractors of her plan to sell broadcaster Channel 4. The plan was decried by several leading media industry unions and filmmakers. In a…

Jeweller Theo Fennell: ‘Being called the king of bling is better than the prince of darkness’

The Guardian 12:12 10.04

The high-class jeweller on switching from silversmithing to memoir-writing to keep up with his daughters, including the film-maker Emerald, in lockdown

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