Rob Halford, porn stars and a sex dungeon: the story of the I Am A Pig video

Louder 09:11 13.04

After his post-Judas Priest outfit Fight broke up, Rob Halford put together a new band. Next up, they made a video. It was not like other videos

Back from the dead? Elusive ivory-bill woodpecker not extinct, researchers say

The Guardian 09:09 13.04

An expedition to the forests of Louisiana say extinction of bird, last definitively seen in 1944, has been exaggerated

Report raises alarm on ‘insidious’ effort to undermine US democracy

The Guardian 09:09 13.04

State legislatures using gerrymandering, voter suppression, misinformation and intimidation to make voting more difficult

Framework Laptop review: a modular PC easy to fix or upgrade

The Guardian 09:09 13.04

Novel, thin and light machine bucks trend by being simple to take apart, with good performance and looks

Sophie Duker: ‘You have to laugh at yourself – you’ll never be in the right for long’

The Guardian 09:09 13.04

Having defeated impostor syndrome, the standup is taking on Taskmaster and returning to the Edinburgh fringe with ‘sexy and chaotic’ new show Hag

Yours for $200m: how Warhol overtook Picasso to become the most prized artist of the 20th century

The Guardian 09:09 13.04

One of his portraits of Marilyn Monroe is expected to shatter records at auction next month. But was Andy Warhol just an ‘affectless hero’ of the media age? Or was he the greatest and most profound artist of his era?

‘My classmates are like my grandchildren’: Italian woman returns to school at 90

The Guardian 09:09 13.04

Annunziata Murgia is oldest person ever to attend lessons for middle school diploma after second world war ruined her studies

Singapore hardens opinion against death penalty as ‘sense of injustice’ grows

The Guardian 09:09 13.04

High-profile death row case prompts some Singaporeans to call for executions to be halted though overall support for capital punishment remains high

Former Xinjiang detainee arrives in US to testify over China abuses

The Guardian 09:09 13.04

Ovalbek Turdakun was given special authorization to enter the US after he had been imprisoned in detention camp in China

‘I had blood all over me’: Kramatorsk station attack survivors face long road to recovery

The Guardian 09:09 13.04

Ukrainians who had narrow escape from missile attack are being treated for devastating injuries

Third suspect identified in California mass shooting that killed 6

NBC News 09:06 13.04

Authorities have said at least five people opened fire in a busy section of downtown Sacramento on April 3.

Russia-Ukraine war live updates: Biden calls Russian atrocities 'genocide'

NBC News 09:06 13.04

Fighting in eastern Ukraine is expected to intensify as Russian forces look poised to mount a major offensive that threatens to overwhelm Mariupol.

Ukraine Live Updates: Putin Vows to Pursue War to Its ‘Full Completion’

NyTimes 09:06 13.04

Russia is pouring troops and equipment into eastern Ukraine. Ukrainian officials thwarted a Russia n cyberattack on Ukraine. s power grid. Gas prices are forcing President Biden into an unlikely embrace of fossil fuels.

Live Updates: Police Search for Gunman in Attack on Brooklyn Subway

NyTimes 09:06 13.04

A man set off smoke grenades in a crowded subway car and then opened fire, the police said. A t least 23 people were injured. The police named a ‘person of interest.’

After Buying Sunset Strip Mansion, Milla Jovovich Asks $14 Million for 90210 Estate

Rolling Stone 09:02 13.04

Now that they’ve moved to a huge and rather sinister-looking mansion perched miles above the Sunset Strip, actress Milla Jovovich and her husband Paul W.S. Anderson have unsurprisingly put th…

Gabrielle Union’s New Baby Line, Bendet’s Wallpaper, Azria Sued

Rolling Stone 09:02 13.04

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade have introduced a baby care line; Alice + Olivia does wallpaper, and Joyce Azria is sued by former friend Sophia Rossi.

‘This Is Us’ Star Chrissy Metz Reveals Kate’s Cut Response to Toby’s Dad Dig, Explains How Toby Made Kate Better for Phillip

Rolling Stone 09:02 13.04

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read if you have not watched “Katoby,” the April 12 episode of NBC’s “This Is Us.” Wednesday’s episode of “This Is Us” marked t…

The night the stars came out: Behind the scenes at David Bowie's 50th birthday party

Louder 06:12 13.04

For one night only, David Bowie celebrated his 50th birthday with an all-star show at Madison Square Garden. Here’s how the stardust was sprinkled, told by those who were there

To make our wardrobes sustainable, we must cut how many new clothes we buy by 75% | Samantha Sharpe, Monique Retamal, Taylor Brydges

The Guardian 06:10 13.04

Fast fashion is being replaced by ultra-fast fashion and many sustainability efforts do little to confront the sector’s consumption

Twitter investor sues Elon Musk for failure to promptly disclose his shares

The Guardian 06:10 13.04

Musk took several weeks to reveal his stake, violating federal law requiring disclosure within 10 days

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