Zipolite es un oasis playero para la comunidad LGBTQ en México. ¿Podrá perdurar?

NyTimes 18:09 12.04

El pueblo, ubicado en el Pacífico mexicano, se ha convertido en un refugio para la comunidad queer. Pero, a medida que aumenta su popularidad, algunos temen que el espíritu de la población desaparezca.

This Beach in Mexico Is an L.G.B.T.Q. Haven. But Can It Last?

NyTimes 18:09 12.04

The town of Zipolite has become an oasis for the queer community. But as its popularity has surged, some worry that the town’s spirit is beginning to vanish.

‘Be Your Own Motivation’: Injured N.B.A. Stars Talk Recovery

NyTimes 12:05 12.04

Paul George is back for the Los Angeles Clippers; Victor Oladipo, for the Miami Heat. The road to return was long but has them back in time for the playoffs.

NHL Purchases $10M in Sportradar Shares, Lets Another Option Expire

Rolling Stone 00:02 06.04

The National Hockey League has purchased more than $10 million of Sportradar stock, and let another $30 million worth of options expire, as the sports data giant’s stock price sags below its IPO le…

Sono Sion, Japanese Film Director, Accused of Sexual Harassment

Rolling Stone 09:02 05.04

Sono Sion, the self-proclaimed maverick Japanese film director known for raunchy indie movies including “Love Exposure” and “Antiporno,” has been accused of sexual harassmen…

‘Like Living in a Horror Movie’: A Ukraine Town Dying a Slow Death

NyTimes 12:08 31.03

The war never stops in Huliaipole, a town on the front lines in eastern Ukraine. Most residents have fled. Those who remain listen to the Russian shelling and wonder: Where will the next one land?

Opinion | ‘BIPOC’ Is Jargon. That’s OK, and Normal People Don’t Have to Say It.

NyTimes 18:07 26.03

Vocabulary imposed from on high sometimes just can’t catch on.

Russia’s Sergey Karjakin banned from chess for supporting invasion of Ukraine

The Guardian 21:12 21.03

Sergey Karjakin, a Russian grandmaster, has been banned for six months but Sergei Shipov has avoided punishment

Wildfires in Florida Panhandle Are a ‘Beast,’ Official Says

NyTimes 18:10 09.03

The Chipola Complex, which encompasses three fires, has burned more than 29,000 acres so far. Gov. Ron DeSantis announced over $6 million in relief funds for families affected by the fires.