Happy Valley Needs Transparency, Penn State Integrity Czar Says

Rolling Stone 09:02 13.04

After five years spent bearding the Nittany Lions, Bob Boland says he is both “honored” to have been and “very glad” to no longer be Penn State’s Athletic Integrity Officer. “It has a shelf life,” …

Sherri Papini admits to faking 2016 kidnapping, says she is 'so very sorry'

NBC News 06:06 13.04

I will work the rest of my life to make amends for what I have done,” she said.

Videos Show an Ordinary New York Morning Erupting Into Chaos on the N Train

NyTimes 06:06 13.04

The attack on Tuesday brought to life a horror that the city had long avoided: a mass shooting on the subway.

Country rock, a crash and a coma: the story of Bon Scott's life as a Mount Lofty Ranger

Louder 03:13 13.04

Before he joined AC/DC, Bon Scott was in country rockers the Mount Lofty Rangers, until a near fatal crash. This is the story

Simu Liu Thanks Former Boss Who Fired Him from Accounting Job: ‘I Owe My Life to Being Let Go’

Rolling Stone 03:02 13.04

The “Shang-Chi” star celebrates his 10-year anniversary of being fired from a “career I hated.”

'Groomer,' 'pro-pedophile': Old tropes find new life in anti-LGBTQ movement

NBC News 21:05 12.04

In the wake of Florida's LGBTQ education law, language that had long been relegated to the margins has resurfaced among conservative lawmakers and pundits.

Five Finger Death Punch unleash new album title track AfterLife, announce US/Canada tour

Louder 18:17 12.04

Five Finger Death Punch share title track of their forthcoming album, AfterLife, announce 2022 North American headline tour

The coastal grandmother: easy, breezy, laid-back yet immaculate – are you ready for the latest on-trend lifestyle?

The Guardian 18:14 12.04

Imagine Diane Keaton unpacking her farmers’ market bags. It’s all about relaxed, mature luxury, featuring pottery, hydrangeas and at least one bowl of lemons

20 best unique Mother's Day gifts for moms: Blossoming tea, bread ovens and more

NBC News 18:10 12.04

We gathered some unique Mother’s Day gift ideas for all the mother figures in your life.

Fundraising appeal for wildlife bear book is a hit with animal lovers

The Independent 18:08 12.04

The Remembering Wildlife series of books was created by photographer Margot Raggett and has already featured elephants, rhinos and lions.

Who is that masked man? The real-life superhero who inspired a wild podcast

The Guardian 15:10 12.04

New s.jsp?otsikko=He">He was stabbed, shot at and foiled terror plots – before being arrested on drug charges. New podcast The Superhero Complex tells the bizarre tale of Seattle’s costumed crime-fighter, Phoenix Jones

‘Birthday Candles’ Review: Another Year, Another Cake, Another Profundity

NyTimes 15:06 12.04

Debra Messing expounds on the preciousness of life in a production that aspires to convey eloquent whimsy, but too often feels methodically sentimental.

On TV, the Truth Hurts

NyTimes 15:06 12.04

Television is hooked on scripted dramas based on real life. But they rarely measure up either to actual life or to actual drama.

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH Announces 'AfterLife' Album, U.S. Tour With MEGADETH

Blabber 12:13 12.04

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH released "AfterLife", the title track of its highly anticipated new studio album. The band's longtime collaborator Kevin Churko (OZZY OSBOURNE, PAPA ROACH, SKILLET) helmed t...

OnePlus 10 Pro review: slick performance costing less than rivals

The Guardian 12:10 12.04

Good combination of speed, long battery life, rapid charging, svelte design and solid camera at a reasonable price

An ocean of noise: how sonic pollution is hurting marine life

The Guardian 12:10 12.04

The long read: Today’s oceans are a tumult of engine roar, artificial sonar and seismic blasts that make it impossible for marine creatures to hunt or communicate. We could make it stop, so why don’t we?

‘I was enjoying a life that was ruining the world’: can therapy treat climate anxiety?

The Guardian 12:10 12.04

People are increasingly looking for help to deal with feelings of fear, helplessness and guilt amid the climate crisis. But can therapists make a difference and is seeking treatment just a form of denial?

Patricia MacLachlan, ‘Sarah, Plain and Tall’ Author, Dies at 84

NyTimes 12:05 12.04

A best-selling children’s book writer, she focused on family life and its difficulties, earning acclaim for her gentle, sparse prose.

Kaley Cuoco Sells Off $16 Million Hidden Hills Estate

Rolling Stone 12:02 12.04

For the first two years of their wedded life, Kaley Cuoco and her second husband Karl Cook famously did not live together. (“We [had] an unconventional marriage,” Cuoco has noted.) But that situati…

Cabaret wins seven awards as Oliviers return to Royal Albert Hall

The Guardian 03:13 11.04

Awards for Eddie Redmayne and Jessie Buckley among musical’s wins, with Life of Pi also recognised in several categories

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