‘If you want to know about sex, it’s in the songs’: Joan Jett on punk, privacy and almost joining the army

The Guardian 12:12 07.04

Forty years after topping the charts with I Love Rock’n’Roll’s snarling menace, Jett is still rocking out. She talks about the sexism she faced, nurturing today’s female stars and her dad sneaking into her early gigs

Having a quiet drink, I eyed a group of lads with trepidation … and then I saw their handbags | Adrian Chiles

The Guardian 09:11 07.04

The Staffordshire posse were trying hard to exude menace. I found them rather sweet, writes Guardian columnist Adrian Chiles

Prayers for the Stolen review – heart-rending tale of childhood blighted by drug cartels

The Guardian 15:12 06.04

Ana and her friends live in a Mexican village menaced by gangs and people traffickers in this complex and subtle story

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga review – a feast of fan nostalgia

The Guardian 15:12 06.04

PC, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch; Warner BrosJourney through all nine movies in this gag-filled crowd pleaser that even makes The Phantom Menace bearable

Opinion | In Russia, I Learned, Threats Were Always Real

NyTimes 15:07 02.03

A sense of menace floats long enough to make you think you’re paranoid. Sooner or later, what was feared happens. A nd nobody makes a secret of it.

‘Our fates are united’: Syrians rally behind Ukraine after years of Russian torment

The Guardian 03:11 02.03

Bombed and menaced by an unchecked Putin since 2015, Syrians hope the tide might be finally turning

East coast low menaces Sydney and vast stretch of NSW coast with ‘life-threatening’ flash flooding forecast

The Guardian 00:11 02.03

Severe weather warning issued for damaging winds and rain for region stretching from near Newcastle to almost the Victorian border

Oil Prices Seesaw as Russia Menaces Ukraine

NyTimes 06:07 21.02

While oil traders keep an eye on Russia, they’re also looking to a possible nuclear deal with Iran that could help add to global supplies.

Oil Prices Climb as Russia Menaces Ukraine

NyTimes 03:07 21.02

While oil traders keep an eye on Russia, they’re also looking to a possible nuclear deal with Iran that could help add to global supplies.

‘I’m very scared for my family’: readers in Ukraine on the Russian menace

The Guardian 18:12 09.02

Five people living in or visiting Ukraine describe the atmosphere amid the threat of invasion

Australians ingest a credit card’s worth of plastic a week – so what’s it doing to us?

The Guardian 00:10 06.02

Citizen science project mapping microplastics menace in hope of halting spread

How the growing Russian ransomware threat is costing companies dear

The Guardian 12:10 05.02

With KP Snacks the latest cyber-attack victim, firms must learn to defend themselves against a mounting menace

‘It was sickening’: USA women’s hockey team lose star Decker in Olympic opener

The Guardian 21:10 03.02

The mighty United States women’s hockey team launched their first Olympic title defense in two decades with an air of menace on Thursday night

The Last Thing Mary Saw review – fire-and-brimstone horror strikes a spark

The Guardian 18:09 19.01

Director Edoardo Vitaletti stokes up the menace in this visually striking but underwhelming tale of two girls who seek revenge on their puritanical family

‘We Are Taiwanese’: China’s Growing Menace Hardens Island’s Identity

NyTimes 15:06 19.01

More than ever, Taiwan defines itself by its democratic values. Beijing’s military and diplomatic threats only reinforce the island’s separateness.

‘Menace to public health’: 270 doctors criticize Spotify over Joe Rogan’s podcast

The Guardian 15:11 14.01

An open letter expresses concern about Covid misinformation and specifically addresses an episode with virologist Robert Malone

'A Menace to Public Health': Doctors Demand Spotify Puts an End to Covid Lies on 'Joe Rogan Experience'

Rolling Stone 21:02 12.01

Unlike many platforms, Spotify doesn’t have a clear policy prohibiting misinformation. 270 physicians and scientists are hoping to change that

The Trump menace is darker than ever – and he's snapping at Biden’s heels | Jonathan Freedland

The Guardian 21:11 07.01

The Republicans who once denounced him are now beginning to accept Trump’s election lies. But where will voters go in the midterms, asks Guardian columnist Jonathan Freedland

W. Kamau Bell Tackles the Myths and Menace of Bill Cosby in New Docuseries

Rolling Stone 21:02 20.12

Four-part series, We Need to Talk About Cosby, will premiere on Showtime in January

No one likes a flu jab, but the rewards are great

The Guardian 12:10 12.12

Stickers rescue my furious son from a virulent new strain of anti-vaxxer menace

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