10 movies that get metal absolutely right

Louder 12:14 10.04

Netflix’s Metal Lords is one of the few movies that get metal right. Here are some of the others

10 movies that get metal completely wrong

Louder 03:15 10.04

Netflix’s new Metal Lords movie gets metal spot on. Here are 10 cinematic turkeys that absolutely screw it up when it comes the music, the bands and the fans

The 15 Best Thrillers Streaming on Netflix

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From Scorsese to Fincher, Netflix’s thriller offerings contain something for everyone.

‘365 Days: This Day’ Trailer: Twisted Sex Is Back on the Menu with Obsessive Organized Crime Family

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Fittingly, we have waited more than 730 long nights for Netflix’s “365 Days” sequel.

The Ultimatum: Marry or Move on review – absolutely terrible

The Guardian 09:11 07.04

Netflix’s 10-part bin fire gets couples on the verge of marriage to ditch their partners and date someone new. This is reality TV so bad you will pray for the accelerated heat death of the universe

A sudden urge to buy a corset and a tiara? Blame the Bridgerton effect

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Netflix’s smash-hit period drama is back – and a remarkable number of us are getting the look

C’est Drôle! Netflix’s Standing Up is a love letter to Paris’s comedy scene

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The showrunner of Call My Agent! is back with a winning series about France’s young comics and how their onstage routines and real lives intersect

'Bridgerton' Returns -- With New Lovers, More Gossip, and Way Less Sex

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Netflix’s hot-and-heavy hit show is back, and it’s handed its melodramatic duties over to… the wallflowers?

Razzies: Diana the Musical named worst film at the awards

The Guardian 21:11 26.03

Netflix’s filmed version of a Broadway show based on the Princess of Wales joins Jared Leto, LeBron James and Bruce Willis as the evening’s ‘winners’

Nielsen Streaming Top 10: ‘A Madea Homecoming’ and ‘Free Guy’ Both Cross 1 Billion Minutes Watched in Debut Week

Rolling Stone 21:01 24.03

Netflix’s “A Madea Homecoming” and Disney’s “Free Guy” both made their debuts on Nielsen’s Top 10 streaming rankings with more than 1 billion minutes watch…

People are losing their minds over Netflix’s new 'ridiculous' baking show

The Independent 00:05 24.03

Remember back in the early days of the pandemic when videos of people cutting into seemingly everyday objects only to reveal it was cake went viral? The simplicity and ridiculousness behind the trend ended up turning into one big internet joke and Netfl... >Netfl... /a> has capitalized on it.Is It Cake? ? is a Netfl...

The orgasm gap: can Netflix’s new sex ed show revolutionise women’s lives?

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The Principles of Pleasure shows how sex gives women a worse quality of life than men. Its insightful – and troubling – expert interviews might just change that

Netflix’s Byron Baes is contrived, trashy and awful. It’s practically a public service | Emma Brockes

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The streaming giant has served up a new reality show full of horrible characters, says Guardian columnist Emma Brockes

Dame Helen Mirren as the Shame Wizard: Human Resources is Big Mouth’s star-packed spin-off

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The legendary actor is joined by Thandiwe Newton, Henry Winkler and more in Netflix’s puerile animated comedy about monsters, who are hormones incarnate

Top Boy review – this brilliant crime drama always leaves you guessing

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Netflix’s show about London drug gangs is back, adding instantly engaging new characters to an incredibly impressive cast. It’s at its peak – and not moving from that spot

Netflix will start charging some users a fee for sharing their passwords

NBC News 09:07 17.03

The improper sharing of accounts outside the household has affected Netflix’s “ability to invest in great new TV and films for our members,” the company said.

Life After Death With Tyler Henry review – is this clairvoyant documentary for real?

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Netflix’s new series follows a medium as he travels the US, dispensing joy via spiritual readings like a morbid Marie Kondo. Although not all of his claims are that impressive