Nicolas Cage did a Reddit AMA session and it was an absolute delight

The Independent 18:06 10.04

For many Nicolas Cage is an actor who defies description. The 58-year-old star has made more than 100 films since making his debut in 1981 and due to his tendency of taking on roles in movies both big and small, that vary dramatically in quality, he has, unfairly, become something of a meme.Perhaps ...

Going full meta: Nicolas Cage and the actors who love playing themselves

The Guardian 12:12 07.04

Whether they’re sending themselves up or shedding an off-screen persona, there is a peculiar delight in seeing an actor take on a role they were literally born to play

In Paris, and Each Other, They Found Home

NyTimes 18:08 03.04

More than a decade after Miranda Robertson studied abroad in the city of her dreams, she returned to discover the man of her dreams in Nicolas Bayle.

10 of the best films to watch this April

BBC 03:01 01.04

Including a postmodern riff on fame with Nicolas Cage, a modern French fable, and Jared Leto as a "pseudo-vampire" in Morbius, these are this month's unmissable releases.

‘Why do they do that?’: Nicolas Cage isn’t down with the Coppola-Scorsese Marvel bashing

The Guardian 12:10 25.03

Francis Ford Coppola reckons comic-book blockbusters are ‘despicable’ – his nephew, stage-named after an MCU superhero, disagrees

Nicolas Cage Says He Doesn’t ‘Understand the Conflict’ Over ‘Masterful’ Marvel Movies vs. Art Films

Rolling Stone 03:02 24.03

Cage said he doesn’t agree with his uncle Francis Ford Coppola’s take on comic book tentpoles as “one prototype movie that is made over and over…to look different.”

Nicolas Cage Is More Than a Meme -- But He Did Have to Donate His Two-Headed Snake to a Zoo

Rolling Stone 18:02 22.03

Actor says he handed the animal over because the complicated feeding process involved using a spatula to keep the two heads from fighting over their meal

Woman spots 'horror film' statue in property and people think it looks like Nic Cage

The Independent 18:06 19.03

Nicolas Cage is everywhere, and sometimes, if you don’t find him, there’s a chance that he’ll find you, in some weird and mysterious way.People think that’s happened to one house hunter looking into a four-bedroom property in Poole, Dorset, when she shared a snap online of a “weird religious statue”...

Lily Sheen Debuts as Nicolas Cage’s Daughter in ‘The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent’

Rolling Stone 00:02 15.03

Sheen, the real-life daughter of Martin Sheen and Kate Beckinsale, stars in the Cage-led meta-comedy, which premiered in Austin on Saturday.

Nicolas Cage loves shortbread so much he wore an outfit inspired by it

The Independent 21:07 14.03

Actor Nicolas Cage wore a tartan suit for the best reason.As a massive fan of shortbread, he was inspired to dress like a package of the sweet treats as he attended the premiere of The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent at the South by South west festival in Texas on Saturday.Cage said: “I really li...

'Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent' Turns SXSW Into the Church of Nicolas Cage

Rolling Stone 21:02 13.03

The screen icon grants an audience to his devoted followers at the festival premiere of a meta-comedy about…Nicolas Cage, Superstar

20 Movies We Can't Wait to See at SXSW 2022

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From a host of music docs to a Nicolas Cage meta-comedy — your complete guide of what to catch at the Austin, Texas film festival