‘We got a kick out of it’: art forgers reveal secrets of paintings that fooled experts

The Guardian 12:12 10.04

Wolfgang Beltracchi and his wife Helene sold fake paintings for millions before some inauthentic white paint led to their capture

Understanding Vladimir Putin, the man who fooled the world

The Guardian 03:13 10.04

The Russian president has always shown us exactly who he is. So why did it take the invasion of Ukraine for us to believe him?

Operation Mincemeat: the startling story of deception that fooled Hitler and helped win the war

The Guardian 03:13 10.04

A new film and play about a startling allied deception resonate at a time when conflict and propaganda haunt Europe again

Traces of Lives Cut Short: Bread on a Park Bench, Blood Pooled Nearby

NyTimes 21:07 06.04

The violence of war is often random. Those who suffer most are the civilians caught in the middle. Two recent deaths in Kharkiv, Ukraine, are a testament to that.

Garmin Epix review: the ultimate adventure smartwatch?

The Guardian 09:11 04.04

New top sports watch line gets slick OLED screen upgrade, but shorter battery life as a result

Johnson hopes Putin’s war will save him, but don’t be fooled – ‘Partygate’ still matters | Owen Jones

The Guardian 21:11 29.03

It is said that compared to the crisis in Ukraine, N0 10’s offences were trivial, but the PM must pay for this abuse of power, says Guardian columnist Owen Jones

Martin Pope, Whose Research Led to OLEDs, Dies at 103

NyTimes 00:06 28.03

The work done by the self-effacing Dr. Pope helped pave the way for the high-performance electronics displays that are so common today.

Instacart Cuts Its Valuation by 38 Percent, Citing ‘Turbulence’

NyTimes 21:06 25.03

Despite the company’s fast growth during the pandemic, the market for technology stocks appears to have cooled.

Opinion | My friend's killing made headlines. It's been nothing like a crime drama.

NBC News 00:06 23.03

Murder is entertaining when it’s doled out in 60-minute increments. Grief would be tedious to watch. Grief would not be renewed for another season.

Covid Updates: China Dismisses 2 Mayors and Shanghai Closes Schools as Case Numbers Rise

NyTimes 09:10 12.03

Two years after saying that the coronavirus outbreak had become a pandemic, the W.H.O. says it isn’t over yet. One American public health expert noted, “This virus has fooled us every time.”

Covid Live Updates: 2 Years After Declaring Pandemic, W.H.O. Urges Continued Vigilance

NyTimes 06:10 12.03

Two years after saying that the coronavirus outbreak had become a pandemic, the agency says it isn’t over yet. One American public health expert noted, “This virus has fooled us every time.” Less than a month after testing positive for the coronavirus, Queen Elizabeth II will skip the Commonwealth Day service.

Former Michigan Boy Scouts leader charged with abusing boys 20 years ago

NBC News 00:11 10.03

New s.jsp?otsikko=Mark">Mark New s.jsp?otsikko=Chapman">Chapman was paroled New s.jsp?otsikko=Wednesday">Wednesday after serving nine years in a New York prison for unrelated sex crimes.

‘I don’t have penis envy. I have 12 in a drawer at home’ – the fearless female standups of the 60s

The Guardian 09:11 07.03

They were pigeonholed, derided – and even shot at. With The Marvelous Mrs Maisel back on TV screens, we find out what life was really like for women who dared to be funny in the postwar years

Tater Tot Casserole Recipe

NyTimes 21:07 03.03

I first ate this hot dish, a Midwestern favorite, on a late fall evening in the humid kitchen of the cook and television star Molly Yeh, at her farmhouse in Minnesota The casserole accompanied venison, lefse and talk of the sugar beet harvest outside I thrilled to the cream-beefy, umami-strong flavors that sat beneath its golden, cobbled exterior, and I loved the way the potatoes soaked up the gravy that pooled below the venison

‘They were fooled by Putin’: Chinese historians speak out against Russian invasion

The Guardian 15:11 28.02

An open letter written by five historians denounced the war. They hope to persuade Beijing to make their stance clearer

‘None of us should be fooled’: President Biden’s speech on Russia.

NyTimes 06:06 23.02

Here is a lightly edited transcript of the president’s speech announcing new sanctions.

Giant Cinnamon Roll Scone Recipe

NyTimes 21:07 20.02

Just when you thought the world couldn’t improve upon cinnamon rolls, this dreamy mashup comes along Adapted from “Procrastibaking: 100 Recipes for Getting Nothing Done in the Most Delicious Way Possible” (Atria, 2020) by Erin Gardner, they are actually quite easy to put together: Toss together a basic scone dough, then roll it out, spread it with a sweet cinnamon-butter filling, cut it into strips, roll it up, score and bake Once cooled, drizzle the roll with a simple vanilla sugar icing, gently break into wedges and serve to the delight of your loved ones.

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