‘I’m completely devoted to one person’: David Hyde Pierce on love, death and the Frasier reboot

The Guardian 03:13 10.04

Nearly 30 years since he wowed the world as Niles in Frasier, David Hyde Pierce has been lured back to TV as chef Julia Child’s adoring husband. He talks about food, sex – and whether he’ll soon be reuniting with Kelsey Grammer

In Lviv, New Russian Strikes Pierce the Sense of Security in West

NyTimes 03:06 28.03

Residents in the western city of Lviv once ignored the air raid sirens. But Russian rocket attacks over the weekend have brought the war closer to their doorstep.

With Bombings and a Funeral, the War Arrives in Ukraine’s West

NyTimes 00:10 13.03

Western Ukraine has been a safe haven for Ukrainian refugees, as well as businessmen, journalists and diplomats. But attacks in two cities pierced the sense of security in the region.