Gee, Wonder Why Mohammed Bin Salman Personally Intervened to Give Jared Kushner $2 Billion

Rolling Stone 12:02 12.04

Advisers for the Saudi Arabian foreign wealth fund didn’t want to infuse Kushner’s private equity firm with cash. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman did it anyway

Before Giving Billions to Jared Kushner, Saudi Investment Fund Had Big Doubts

NyTimes 06:07 11.04

Before committing $2 billion to Mr. Kushner’s fledgling firm, officials at a fund led by the Saudi crown prince questioned taking such a big risk.

Lewis Hamilton struggles in Australian GP practice as Leclerc sets pace

The Guardian 12:14 08.04

The former world champion came in 13th in his Mercedes, following his disappointing finish in Saudi Arabia

How a Saudi-Led Alliance Battling an Iran-Backed Militia Devastated Yemen

NyTimes 12:08 08.04

Yemen was already the Arab world’s poorest country before its civil war began in 2014. Then a Saudi-led coalition joined the fight against the Iran-backed Houthi militia, spreading the ruin.

Turkey to send case against Khashoggi’s alleged killers to Saudi Arabia

The Guardian 21:13 07.04

Suspension of trial reflects President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an’s desire to strengthen trade and political links with Middle East

Turkey Transfers Khashoggi Murder Trial to Saudi Arabia

NyTimes 18:07 07.04

The move will almost certainly end the last case aimed at serving justice for a heinous crime that drew global outrage.

Yemeni Leader Hands Power to New Body as His Saudi Backers Seek to End War

NyTimes 15:07 07.04

President Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi abdicated days after a two-month cease-fire took effect, signs that his Saudi allies may be looking for a path out of the bloodshed.

Turkish court sends case of 26 accused over Khashoggi killing to Saudi Arabia

The Guardian 12:12 07.04

Suspension of trial comes despite warning from human rights groups that turning case over would lead to cover-up

F1 drivers will continue to speak out after Saudi chaos, says association chair

The Guardian 12:11 06.04

The recent Saudi Arabian GP was almost boycotted by drivers and Alex Wurz, chair of the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association, said: ‘Sportspeople are now involved in politics’

F1 will continue to speak out after Saudi chaos, says Drivers’ Association chair

The Guardian 21:13 05.04

The recent Saudi Arabian GP was almost boycotted by drivers and Alex Wurz, chair of the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association, said: ‘Sportspeople are now involved in politics’

Women Drive Off-Road in Saudi Desert for Fun and Bragging Rights

NyTimes 06:07 05.04

Just years after women could legally drive there, the Rally Jameel celebrates a new first.

They Just Got Driver’s Licenses, and Now They’re Going Off-Road

NyTimes 03:08 05.04

The Rally Jameel in Saudi Arabia celebrates a new first for women.

Six months in, Newcastle takeover still offers little cause for celebration | Barry Glendenning

The Guardian 12:13 04.04

While Eddie Howe’s side are thriving, Saudi investment has also led to endless squabbling, moral acrobatics and whataboutery

Biden rebuffed as US relations with Saudi Arabia and UAE hit new low

The Guardian 18:13 03.04

Analysis: As oil prices – and diplomatic tensions – rise, two of the biggest US allies are questioning the basis of their relationship

Yemen’s warring sides accept two-month truce starting with Ramadan

The Guardian 00:12 02.04

Agreement comes after significant escalation in bloody conflict between Saudi-led coalition and Houthi rebels

Prosecutor Asks Turkey to Turn Khashoggi Murder Case Over to Saudis

NyTimes 03:06 01.04

All 26 suspects accused in the killing of Jamal Khashoggi, the dissident Saudi journalist, in Istanbul in 2018 are Saudi nationals.

Turkish prosecutor asks to halt trial for the murder of Saudi critic Jamal Khashoggi

The Guardian 21:12 31.03

Istanbul is seeking to mend ties with Saudi Arabia to bolster a struggling economy as it looks for foreign trade

Armani to Open Hotel in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia

Rolling Stone 12:02 30.03

Located a 15-minute drive from Riyadh, the area is at the center of ambitious development plans in retail, hospitality and cultural offering.

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