Singapore hardens opinion against death penalty as ‘sense of injustice’ grows

The Guardian 09:09 13.04

High-profile death row case prompts some Singaporeans to call for executions to be halted though overall support for capital punishment remains high

What Are Your Questions About the Future of the Coronavirus?

NyTimes 09:06 13.04

We’ll bring your queries to experts and find some answers.

Opinion | When You Hear the F-Word, Try Picking Up More Than One Meaning

NyTimes 06:06 13.04

Some words have multiple parts. Some dirty words say multiple things.

Airline ticket prices increase while more flights are cut

NBC News 03:07 13.04

JetBlue and Alaska Airlines say they don’t have the staff to fly their upcoming schedule. JetBlue is proactively trimming its schedule throughout the busy summer travel season by almost 150 flights per day. Bad weather has added to JetBlue ’s problems in the past week, forcing some flights to divert to other airports. Ticket prices are also increasing as fewer airline seats are available, and jet fuel prices are higher. 

Video, photos show chaos in aftermath of Brooklyn subway shooting

NBC News 03:07 13.04

Screaming passengers, pools of blood on the train platform and smoke filling the 36th Street station are some of the disturbing images emerging from the attack Tuesday morning.

U.S. Crackdown Targets Boxing Figure Accused of Organized Crime

NyTimes 03:06 13.04

Daniel Kinahan is accused of leading an Irish organized crime group, and he has been involved with some of boxing’s biggest stars, including Tyson Fury.

Covid News: World Exceeds 500 Million Known Virus Cases Amid Testing Concerns

NyTimes 03:06 13.04

In Britain, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is fined for breaking lockdown rules. The U.S. State Department orders some employees to leave Shanghai.

Inflation Hits Fastest Pace Since 1981, at 8.5% Through March

NyTimes 03:06 13.04

Gasoline weighed heavily in the increases, while prices moderated in several categories. Some economists say the overall rate may have peaked.

Work remote, get paid less? The battle dividing offices will define the future of work

The Guardian 00:12 13.04

Mobility and freedom are the new prizes for the professional working class. But some companies fail to grasp the scale and sweep of change

Heavy Floods and Mudslides Leave at Least 45 Dead in South Africa

NyTimes 00:06 13.04

Torrential rain left a trail of destruction in the coastal city of Durban — the latest disaster in a season of storms that some scientists say has been intensified by climate change.

Covid Live Updates: World Exceeds 500 Million Known Virus Cases Amid Testing Concerns

NyTimes 00:06 13.04

In Britain, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is fined for breaking lockdown rules. The U.S. State Department orders some employees to leave Shanghai. It says that a lockdown in the city of 25 million people “severely impacts travel and access to public services.”

America's gun culture - in seven charts

BBC 00:01 13.04

Charts explaining some of the key statistics behind gun ownership and attacks linked to guns in the US.

Amid Soaring Demand for Warehouses, an Effort to Make Them Greener

NyTimes 21:04 12.04

Some owners are taking steps to make their buildings more energy efficient, including upgrading building materials and turning the rooftops into solar farms.

20 best unique Mother's Day gifts for moms: Blossoming tea, bread ovens and more

NBC News 18:10 12.04

We gathered some unique Mother’s Day gift ideas for all the mother figures in your life.

See the biggest winners and upsets at the CMT Music Awards

NBC News 18:10 12.04

Music city lived up to its name, as some of country music’s biggest stars gathered in Nashville on Monday for the CMT Music Awards. NBC’s Joe Fryer reports for TODAY on the long-awaited reunions, star studded collaborations and massive performances.

Airlines struggle to meet soaring demand amid staffing shortages

NBC News 18:10 12.04

Demand for travel is roaring back, but airlines are struggling to keep up with staffing requirements. Now, some carriers are being forced to reduce their flight schedules as a busy summer travel season gets ready for take off. NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports for TODAY.

Watch: Rescuers evacuate people from floods in Philippines

NBC News 18:10 12.04

Tropical storm Megi brought heavy rains and flooding to parts of the Philippines on Monday, killing at least 25 people, with at least six others reported missing in landslides. The coast guard, police and firefighters rescued some villagers in flooded communities, including some who were trapped on their roofs.

Multiple shot, at least 13 injured in NYC subway station; manhunt underway for suspect

NBC News 18:10 12.04

The NYPD asked rush-hour commuters to stay away from a Brooklyn intersection where the D, N and R trains run. The re is no service there and at some stations in Manhattan.

This Beach in Mexico Is an L.G.B.T.Q. Haven. But Can It Last?

NyTimes 18:09 12.04

The town of Zipolite has become an oasis for the queer community. But as its popularity has surged, some worry that the town’s spirit is beginning to vanish.

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